Business support (outsourcing)

Legal support for business is one of the most demanded services that we offer to companies and individuals. The popularity of this service is due to the wide range of legal services provided and the high quality of legal support.

Business Legal Support (BLS) services include meeting the customer's needs in the following matters:

- carrying out consultations and preparation of documents in the field of office work of an enterprise;

- analysis of the activities of a legal entity and an executive body as to violations of the legislation of the customer's country and international legislation;

- development, legal expertise and approval of license agreements and foreign economic contracts of any degree of complexity, for any jurisdiction;

- legal support of transactions, including foreign economic transactions, negotiations on their conclusion;

- legal audit of the business legal structure of legal entities, the structure of their governing bodies and profit distribution algorithms;

- reduction of accounts receivable;

- analysis of the financial and economic activities of organizations and individual entrepreneurs;

- economic consulting;

- financial consulting;

- management consulting, including issues related to the restructuring of organizations;

- financial audit;

- tax audit.

As part of the BLS we are also ready to offer to represent the interests of customers:

- in a pre-trial settlement of conflicts, as well as in courts at the stage of judicial settlement in order to achieve a possible compromise between the parties and signing of a settlement agreement in court;

- at the stage of court hearing;

- at the stage of enforcement proceedings;

The contractual relationships between us and our customer are determined individually, taking into account the challenge and the timing of its resolution.

The BLS is provided regardless of whether you are a new entrepreneur or have a fairly wide experience.

The list of services is not limited to the above list and is determined on an individual basis.


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