Civil disputes

Civil disputes are conflicts that arise on the basis of civil legal relations between participants in civil law, arising between individuals - citizens of Russia, legal entities, citizens of foreign countries and stateless persons.
For the convenience of work and performance of obligations to customers in this category of business the company has its own office in Russia, which sufficiently affects the quality and speed of delivery of services.
Civil disputes include:

  • recovery of all kinds of debts;
  • hereditary disputes;
  • disputes related to contractual relations;
  • termination of the contract in court;
  • disputes about consumer rights;
  • recovery of damages caused to health or property;
  • compensation for moral harm;
  • recovery of damages;
  • road accidents;
  • material damage of various kinds;
  • enforcement of property, etc.
  • insurance disputes relating to the payment of insurance compensation;
  • housing and public utility disputes;
  • division of inheritance (will, inheritance by law);
  • division of property (common joint and shared property);
  • protection of copyright;
  • establishment of legal facts having legal value.
    Civil disputes are of a private nature, as is the branch of law itself, which is one of the most extensive branches of law. It includes many sub-branches: family, labor, inheritance, housing law. Out of these spheres arise various legal relations - family, labor, inheritance, housing, contractual, etc.
    Therefore, we can offer our services for the resolution of absolutely any issue in civil disputes from the preparation of the necessary documents to the representation of interests in courts of all jurisdictions, and correctly identify ways to protect such violated rights, while taking into account the following:
  • peculiarities of a civil dispute;
  • peculiarities of judicial protection;
  • peculiarities of civil disputes from family legal relations;
  • peculiarities of civil disputes about recognition of ownership of real estate;
  • peculiarities of civil disputes arising from hereditary legal relations;
  • peculiarities of civil disputes about compensation for harm;
  • peculiarities of housing disputes.
    Civil disputes are one of the priority areas of activity in which our specialists have extensive practice.
    Providing services in this category of disputes is a complex and responsible procedure. It is important to ensure the legality of actions from the perspective of one or more legislations.
    The list of services is not limited to the above mentioned list and is determined on an individual basis.



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