Creation of a new legal entity, branch, representative office

Our company will provide "turnkey" services for registration of a legal entity, branch or representative office within the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan with non-resident participation.

In the process of preparation, the documents for the registering organization, branch or representative office will be prepared in a qualitative manner. Otherwise, there is a risk of refusal to perform such registration.

Be aware

  • selection of codes by type of economic activity;
  • selection of the legal address;
  • the name of the legal entity;
  • authorized capital and its formation;
  • decision on the establishment of the company or the Minutes of the General Meeting of Founders; 

  • articles of Association in two languages;
  • application for state registration of a legal entity upon creation and re-registration;
  • payment of state duty (in case of registration of a large enterprise);
  • selection of an appropriate taxation system.

To avoid the risks of refusal of registration, we will quickly and accurately prepare all necessary documents:

  • articles of association of a legal entity;
  • the decision on the establishment of the company;
  • minutes of the general meeting of founders;
  • enterprise incorporation agreement;
  • receipt for payment of the state duty;
  • premises lease agreement for the address where the organization is being registered;
  • we will carry out all stages of registration on the electronic platform.

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