Financial disputes (debt recovery)

Disputes on economic (financial) issues arise from civil, administrative, public and other legal relations.

This is a fairly broad area of legal regulation, in which the legal consequences are very important. The strategy of further actions and the resolution of the situation depends on them.

Our services for companies, individual entrepreneurs and individuals include:

- disputes on debt collection (debt repayment);

- disputes on recovery of losses and loss of profits;

- disputes on application of penalties (collection of a penalty, interest, fine);

- disputes over transactions of any legal form;

- disputes on appeal of the amount of debt;

- implementation of procedures for restoring solvency;

- conducting of procedures for rehabilitation and / or restoring solvency.

In this regard we perform the following types of work:

- preparation of claims and claim work;

- conducting negotiations with the counterparty;

- drafting statements of claim, complaints, appeals and other documents for courts of all jurisdictions;

- conducting a legal audit of the business legal structure of legal entities, the structure of their governing bodies and profit distribution algorithms;

- reduction of accounts receivable;

- drawing up conclusions on the financial and economic activities of organizations and individual entrepreneurs;

- economic consulting;

- financial consulting;

- management consulting, including issues related to the restructuring of organizations;

- financial audit;

- tax audit;

- preparation and forwarding, control of individual requests.

We offer to represent the interests of customers:

- in a pre-trial settlement of conflicts, as well as in courts at the stage of judicial settlement in order to achieve a possible compromise between the parties and signing of a settlement agreement in court;

- at the stage of court hearing;

- at the stage of enforcement proceedings;

Our provision of services on economic issues will save your time, as well money, since our company's employees do the main work to settle a conflict out of court, namely even before submitting documents to court.

The list of services is not limited to the above list and is determined on an individual basis.

Prices for services on additional issues.


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