Intellectual property

Copyright and other related rights, are called together Intellectual Property. Such rights apply to everyone throughout life.
There are many to illustrate this. For example, even in childhood, each of us, without exception, was the author of a drawing, some thing made during arts and crafts lessons, a written composition and many other things such as: our own apartment design, games, articles, phrases, music, and, finally, just ideas.
In the process of our life, many people are engaged in creative activities: someone writes music and poetry, creates architectural projects, makes films, etc.
Some people use other people's works, thereby violating copyright and related rights.
As in all areas of law, there are many different legal nuances and controversies in copyright.
We specialize in intellectual property issues, including protection of such rights in the Internet.
And we will provide services from consulting, negotiating, claim work to resolving a dispute out of court. If necessary - in court, working both to protect your copyrights, and to build a legal reasoning in case of violation of someone else's copyrights by you.
We try our best not to bring the arisen dispute to court.
We will provide legal advice on issues of any complexity, and we will draw up the following necessary documents for you:

  • author's agreement;
  • license agreement;
  • agreement on alienation (transfer) of exclusive rights;
  • author's commissioning agreement;
  • producer’s agreement and much more.
    We will also draw up an opinion on copyright taking into account Western legislation, doctrines and judicial practice.
    We will protect your intellectual property rights, from artwork to photos posted in social networks.


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