Labour law relations

Employment relations are governed by the labour law and are based on an agreement between the employee and the employer on the employee's personal performance of a labour function for a fee (work in a position in accordance with the personnel schedule, profession, specialty indicating the qualification; the specific type of work entrusted to the employee), the employee's subordination to the internal code of labour conduct when the employer provides the working conditions stipulated by labour legislation and other regulatory legal acts containing labour law norms, collective agreements, agreements, local regulations, labour contracts.

We provide the following employment services:

- analysis of the employment contract content;

- development of a draft labour contract;

- consultation on dismissal of an employee on various grounds;

- wage claims;

- recovery of the average wage for the time of forced absence;

- change of the date and wording of the reason for dismissal;

- invalidation of a transfer to another job;

- appeal against illegal actions of the employer;

- assistance in bringing the employer to responsibility for violation of labour legislation;

- reemployment;

- invalidation of an order on imposition of a disciplinary penalty;

- collection of wages;

- severance pay;

- change of the date and grounds for dismissal in an employment record book;

- preparation of complaints to the labour inspectorate;

We are also ready to offer to represent the interests of customers:

- in a pre-trial settlement of conflicts, as well as in courts at the stage of judicial settlement in order to achieve a possible compromise between the parties and signing of a settlement agreement in court;

- at the stage of court hearing;

- at the stage of enforcement proceedings;

Our provision of services on economic issues will save your time, as well money, since our company's employees do the main work to settle a conflict out of court, namely even before submitting documents to court.

The list of services is not limited to the above list and is determined on an individual basis.


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