Land disputes

Land disputes are a category of disputes of particular complexity. The emergence of land disputes can be explained by a number of reasons. In the process of exercising the right to land by individuals, their interests clash over the boundaries, purposes and nature of use of land plots granted to them. Currently, land disputes are one of the most common categories of civil cases considered by the courts.
Our specialists are ready to help resolve such conflicts and settle disputes arising as a result of violation of the rights of owners by third parties in terms of ownership, use or management of a land plot. That is why cases of recognition of ownership rights to land are very common. The question of recognition of ownership of land is equally relevant for citizens and legal entities.
Services for companies, individual entrepreneurs and citizens include meeting the needs of the customer in the following issues:

  • declaration of title to land;
  • appealing the refusal of state registration of land title;
  • privatization of land plots, appealing the refusal of privatization;
  • determination of the order of use of a land plot;
  • invalidation of transactions with land;
  • division of a land plot between owners;
  • determination of the boundaries of a land plot, including disputes over surveying;
  • change of category of land plot and its permitted use;
  • withdrawal of a land plot from someone else's illegal possession;
  • recognition and establishment of easement;
  • disputes over land lease agreements - conclusion, amendment, termination, renewal for a new term;
  • disputes about violation of the rules for the development of land plots.
    Most often, land disputes are associated with incorrect registration and recognition of ownership of land, with the seizure of other people's territories, determination of the procedure for the use of a land plot, violation of the rules of good neighborliness and land easements, use of leased land areas inappropriately, causing deliberate or negligent harm to land users and owners of a land plot.
    The provision of services in this category of disputes is a complex and responsible procedure. It is important to ensure the legality of actions with regard to one or more legislations, if our customer is a foreign citizen or a stateless person, and it is also important to take into account in which country the service will be provided.
    The list of services is not limited to the above list and is determined on an individual basis.


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