Legal support of business

Legal support of business is one of the most demanded services that we offer to companies and individuals. The popularity of this service is due to the wide range of legal services rendered and high quality of legal support.

Legal Business Support services (outsourcing) include meeting the client's needs in the following matters:

  • Implementation of full legal support:
  • Legal consulting;
  • Preparation of documents in the field of record keeping of the enterprise;
  • Development and preparation of employer's instruments:
  • Development, legal expertise and coordination of agreements and foreign economic contracts of any complexity, for any jurisdictions;
  • Full legal support of transactions;
  • Negotiations;
  • Business correspondence;
  • Claim settlement;
  • Reduction of bills receivable;
  • Preparation of documents for the courts;
  • Legal representation;
  • Creditor relations services;
  • Other legal services.

We are also ready to offer to represent the interests of clients within the LBS (outsourcing) services:

  • in pre-trial conflict resolution, as well as in courts at the stage of judicial settlement in order to achieve a possible compromise of the parties and the signing of a settlement agreement through legal proceedings;
  • at the stage of judicial examination;
  • at the stage of enforcement proceedings.

The contractual relationship between us and our client is determined individually, taking into account the task and deadlines for its resolution.

LBS is produced regardless of whether you are a new entrepreneur or have enough experience. 

  • The list of services is not limited to the above list and is determined on an individual basis.


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