Public procurement

We will be glad to provide you with public procurement services and offer you a certain package of services in this area. When working with public procurement, it is important to understand what public procurement is. We will help form a representation and assist in preparing documents for the implementation of the state order (submit requests, order certificates) and definitely find a way out in a difficult situation of the customer, if he was in such a situation. Our lawyers have experience and knowledge of the legal framework in public procurement.
Important issues on the work of public procurement (order):

  • functions;
  • system;
  • participants;
  • participants in the placement;
  • executors - implementation;
  • formation;
  • the principles of placement;
  • legislation in the field;
  • the legal framework of the state order in Russia.
    It is worth remembering that changes and additions have recently been made frequently in the normative legal regulation of public order placement. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly monitor these changes. For example, among the changes that have recently been made to Russian legislation on the placement of state orders, it is worth mentioning the changes associated with the creation of a single information space.
    Services for companies and individual entrepreneurs include:
  • oral consultation on participation in tenders;
  • written consultation on participation in tenders;
  • assistance in obtaining an electronic signature (ES) for tenders (state and commercial);
  • accreditation of the organization on electronic platforms;
  • updating electronic documents on electronic platforms;
  • computer setup for participation in electronic auctions;
  • selection of current procurement for the selected subject, place, customer;
  • analysis of procurement documentation;
  • preparation of requests for clarification of tender conditions (tender documentation);
  • preparation of an application for participation in an auction;
  • preparation of an application for participation in a tender;
  • preparation of an application for participation in a request for price quotations;
  • submission of a finished application in electronic form;
  • digitization and submission of an application prepared by the customer;
  • conducting tenders on the electronic site; conducting tenders for the customer or supporting and advising the customer in the bidding process, withdrawal of bid security;
  • participation at the opening of envelopes, bid submission, confidentiality control, information collection;
  • assistance in contract conclusion (in electronic form);
  • support of contract execution;
  • identification of main competitors for the selected subject of procurement, for a particular customer;
  • analysis of bidding results, preparation of complaints to FAS;
  • development, legal expertise and coordination of agreements and contracts of any complexity;
  • legal support of transactions and negotiations for their conclusion;
  • analysis of the activities of a legal entity or customer for violations of legislation in the field of public procurement and legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • preparation of claims and implementation of claim work;
  • negotiations;
  • appeals against actions for public procurement;
  • preparation of statements of claim, appeal petitions and other documents for courts of all jurisdictions;
  • preparation and direction of individual inquiries.
    We are also ready to represent the interests of customers:
  • in pre-trial settlement of conflicts, as well as in courts at the stage of judicial settlement in order to achieve a possible compromise of the parties and signing of an settlement agreement in court;
  • at the stage of judicial proceedings;
  • at the stage of enforcement action.
    The list of services is not limited to the above mentioned list and is determined on an individual basis.


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