Restoring the solvency of an individual

The procedure for restoring a citizen's financial solvency should not be considered as a simple way out of a problematic situation. Because there is a way out, and it is not only in bankruptcy.
When there are problems with creditors, represented not only by the bank, but also by any other entity, it is not always possible to agree, but use tools that can induce a dialogue and, as a result, to resolve the situation, there are:
What you need to know when restoring the financial solvency of an individual:

  • active dialogue with creditors;
  • desire to fulfill obligations;
  • availability of documents confirming the fact of possible financial difficulties;
  • establishment of new payment schedules;
  • conclusion by debtor and creditor (-s) of a settlement agreement;
  • preparation of documents for creditors;
  • alternatives of situation development and its resolution;
  • writing off penalties and other charges;
  • documents execution: the procedure is rather complicated in terms of bureaucracy.
    It is required to collect a significant number of documents, which in some cases can be an impressive amount - it depends on the individual situation of the debtor. Let's take a look at the basic documents:
  • an application for settlement of the situation. Its content may vary depending on the specific situation;
  • annexes to the application and other documents;
  • nuances in restoring the financial solvency of individuals.
    Financial solvency procedure is applied in cases where there are no grounds or other reasons for declaring a person bankrupt.
    What you need to know in case of bankruptcy:
  • the main causes of bankruptcy;
  • the main signs of bankruptcy;
  • bankruptcy procedure;
  • possible actions;
  • consequences.
    The personnel of our company will not only help you to understand how to deal with the situation with the creditor (s), but also carry it out completely:
  • in pre-trial conflict resolution, as well as in courts at the stage of judicial settlement to achieve a possible compromise of the parties and the signing of a settlement agreement in court;
  • at the stage of judicial proceedings;
  • at the stage of bankruptcy administration.
    The list of services is not limited to the above mentioned list and is determined on an individual basis.


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