Sale and purchase of business, franchises

Everything changes in a matter of minutes. In business, every day is worth its weight in gold.
That is why some people set a goal to organize their own business, others - to buy business that is already well-established, a franchise.
Still others prefer to sell it and work in a new direction. Or to keep the business, but to take it to a different level, for which the following criteria are needed:

  • search for bona fide sellers in the market;
  • search for bona fide buyers in the market;
  • risks and claims of third parties;
  • competent support of a franchise sale and purchase transaction;
  • transaction control procedure.
    Our experts will help you to complete a business and / or franchise sale and purchase transaction, with regard to all aspects of legal subtleties:
  • sale and purchase consulting at the local and international level;
  • audit of activities of the seller and the buyer (share or shares in the authorized capital);
  • check on availability of basic documents for the transaction;
  • audit of the risks and claims of third parties against the founders;
  • audit of the risks and claims of third parties as to fixed assets (if any);
  • assistance in carrying out preliminary negotiations;
  • preparation of a preliminary sale and purchase agreement (deposit);
  • preparation of a package of documents for a sale and purchase transaction;
  • support of a sale and purchase transaction at a notary;
  • control of the concluded transaction.
    It is always necessary to remember that prior to the decision to make a transaction, it is necessary to make an accurate and competent analysis of all the key issues.
    While providing services, our employees will help you to avoid potential risks and claims in the future.
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