Judicial representation and case management

Litigation is one of the most complex legal institutions of legal practice and it arises between the state and the other bodies, legal entities and citizens.

Our specialists will provide services in court proceedings and representation of interests in the courts of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

  • to protect the interests, whose rights and legitimate interests in the field of business and other economic activities have been violated (legal entities and individual entrepreneurs);
  • to protect the interests of those whose rights and legitimate interests have been violated in a private manner (for individuals);
  • in cases of contesting non-regulatory legal acts, decisions and actions (inaction) of state bodies, local self-government, other bodies and officials;
  • in cases of administrative offenses;
  • in the category of cases for the recovery of debts, obligatory payments and penalties;
  • in cases of contesting the decisions, actions (inaction) of state authorities, local self-government bodies, officials, public and municipal officials;
  • in cases of invalidation of transactions (purchase and sale, exchange, donation and others) at whole or partially;
  • to rehabilitate legal entities;
  • concerning bankruptcy of legal entities;
  • other services related to the case prosecution.

Services for companies, individual entrepreneurs and citizens include meeting client needs in the following areas:

  • Preparation of bills of claim, complaints and other documents of a procedural nature;
  • Submitting applications, complaints and other documents of a procedural nature to institutions and courts;
  • Collection and presentation of evidence in cases;
  • The written execution of litigation documents;
  • other actions of a legal nature.

Judicial disputes are resolved in a special order, which includes working with the courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration, specialized interdistrict economic, administrative courts. The successful resolution of a legal dispute for a legal entity or a citizen directly depends on understanding the legal basis of the dispute and the ability to put the theory into practice.

The specialists of our company have experience working with state structures, so we can successfully protect the rights and legitimate interests of clients in administrative procedures as well.

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