Services in the European Union

Services in the European Union: The company provides services in accordance with the legislation of the European Union, mainly under the law of West Germany, including the actual representation of interests both in negotiations and in courts.

The list of services provided to countries corresponds to the list in the section "Services in the Russian Federation", ranging from the protection of the rights and legitimate interests for individuals, businesses and to the implementation of representation of foreign citizens.

Providing services at the international level is a complex and responsible procedure. It is important to ensure the legality of actions from the perspective of one or more legislations, so our specialists will help regardless of your location or your counterparty's one.

- Austria

- Belgium

- Bulgaria

- Hungary

- Germany

- Greece

- Denmark

- Ireland

- Spain

- Italy

- Cyprus

- Latvia

- Lithuania

- Luxembourg

- Malta

- Netherlands

- Poland

- Portugal

- Romania

- Slovakia

- Slovenia

- Finland

- France

- Croatia

- Czech Republic

- Sweden and Estonia

Therefore, when contact our company, there is no need to fly to the country where the problem is to be resolved - we will completely do everything for you!


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