Succession disputes

Succession is one of the most important institutions of civil law. The history of the origin of succession law is rooted in the distant past and requires precision in resolving conflicts, which can be settled in the following ways:

  • registration of a succession case with a notary by filing an application for acceptance of an inheritance within 6 months from the date of commencement of succession (death of the testator);
  • in court, by submitting an application;
  • on establishing the fact of acceptance of succession;
  • on restoration of the term for accepting succession;
  • on appeal against the actions of a notary
  • on establishment of the fact of family relations;
  • Other statements of claim.
    We are also ready to offer to represent the interests of customers:
  • in a pre-trial settlement of conflicts, as well as in courts at the stage of judicial settlement in order to achieve a possible compromise between the parties and signing of a settlement agreement in court;
  • at the stage of court hearing;
  • at the stage of enforcement proceedings;
    The provision of services in this category of disputes is a complex and responsible procedure. It is important to ensure the legality of actions with regard to one or more legislations. It depends on where the estate is located and where our customer lives. The list of services is not limited to the above list and is determined on an individual basis.


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