Tax disputes

Every year the number of tax disputes is growing, and, accordingly, the importance of a clear understanding by legal entities and individuals of their rights and duties assigned to them, the powers and rights of tax authorities and tax officials, as well as of the methods provided by the current legislation for the protection of their interest.
We offer the following services:

  • disputes over the legality of charging penalties for tax violations;
  • disputes over determining the tax base for income tax;
  • disputes related to VAT refunds;
  • disputes related to the calculation of insurance contributions to non-state pension funds;
  • disputes on invalidation of actions of tax authorities or their employees in the process of conducting inspections;
  • preparation of documentation required for tax refunds;
  • analysis of the legality of the requirements of tax authorities;
  • preparation of objections to a tax audit act;
  • pre-trial appeal against decisions of tax authorities;
  • appeal against decisions of tax authorities in court.
    Tax legislation is so extensive and has so many branches, bristles with ambiguities and peculiarities, that an ordinary citizen cannot handle all this. Only a competent and experienced lawyer is able to achieve an optimal result and to protect the rights and interests of a customer in his/her conflict with tax structures at the proper level, using legitimate methods.
    The company's specialists will work on the problematic issue, investigate all the legal aspects of a particular case, draw up an action plan and provide representation in court, which will ensure the legality of actions from the standpoint of the person who applied to us. In total, these activities will lead to the least hassle and a positive outcome.
    The list of services is not limited to the above list and is determined on an individual basis.
    Prices for services on additional issues.


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